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Contemporary. Modern. Jazz. Ballet. 

Improvisation. Choreography/Composition. Screen Dance. 

Dance Anatomy & Kinesiology. Somatic Practices.

Dance Appreciation/History.

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Accompanying teaching practices focused on student-centered learning is my belief that the dance classroom is a laboratory for exploration, somatic research, and self-discovery. As a teacher, I aim to reframe the “fear of failure,” and instead encourage creative problem-solving, risk-taking, and experimentation.

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As a teacher, I recognize that I am not the holder of all knowledge but am simply one voice. Students do not enter my classroom as empty vessels, but rather bring prior knowledge into the learning environment that is valuable, important, and useful for their future learning. Therefore, I seek to provide a safe, welcoming environment where students feel individually valued and encouraged to reflect on and share with the class in their diverse lived experiences.

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Teaching: Testimonials

"I feel like I have a more open mind about dance now. My love for dance hasn’t changed, but my appreciation for it has grown... this class has introduced the same movements in a way where I can understand them better–  how it could look instead of should, how each part of my body can contribute to the movement, how I can expand on the movement and transition to/from it. I feel more grounded, balanced, and confident in my dancing."

Contemporary Student, SP


I expect self-reflection, critical questioning, and life-long learning of myself as a teacher, just as I expect of my students. I am committed to consistent re-evaluation of my pedagogical values, beliefs, and actions in order to ensure that my teaching methods in the classroom with my students are accurately representing the type of world in which I value and desire to see. The lessons learned in the dance classroom will transfer to all other aspects of my students’ lives; therefore, I view my role as teacher as a significant responsibility that is remarkably enriching, illuminating, and worthwhile of my continued life’s dedication.

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  • Texas Tech University (graduate-level)– Applied Anatomy & Movement Analysis

  • Austin Community College– Dance Appreciation, Safety Release Technique, Beginning Modern, Beginning and Intermediate Jazz, Choreography

  • University of Central Missouri– Dance Appreciation

  • University of North Carolina Greensboro– Contemporary I/II, Intro to Contemporary, Jazz I, Intro to Ballet, Dance Appreciation, Contemporary II, III, & IV, Jazz II/III, Body and Motion in Dance

  • Alisa’s Dance Academy, Austin, TX– Pre-Pointe, Pointe 1, Pointe 2, Ballet, Advanced Jazz, High Intermediate Contemporary

  • Ballet Lubbock, Lubbock, TX–  Ballet, Jazz, Pre-Ballet, Creative Movement

  • Wimberly Dance Elite Guest Instructor/Choreographer Wimberly, TX– Contemporary 

  • Del Valle Independent School District Professional Development Guest Instructor, Austin, TX– Modern/Contemporary

  • Westwood High School Guest Instructor, Austin, TX– Modern/Contemporary, Ballet, Jazz Modern/Contemporary, Ballet, Jazz

*full list available upon request

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Advanced Contemporary (2021)– Safety Release Technique

*additional class samples in other genres, levels, and formats available upon request

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